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The super-cooling environment used to create the crystals in Alchymeia is an upright, sealed, glass front scientific freezer, specially designed by the artist.
The transfer and adoption of coded information between living and non-living things and the novel use of bio-engineering methods at a massive public event like the Olympics, it was given the extreme requirement of being exhibited in total isolation, remote from a real physical audience.The freezing of water and the creation of snowflakes in nature is determined by physical laws combining air temperature, surface tension and heat dissipation in liquids.In Alchymeia, naturally occurring metabolite steroids are harvested from the blood and urine of Olympic athletes to act as doping agents in ultra-pure, ultra-cold water, guiding the growth of impossibly rare ice crystals with radically altered architecture.Once the water cells are in the freezer, they are held at a precise temperature (-5C) most efficient for the seeding by the human hormone.Contacts, hangouts, keep, even more from Google, hidden fields.Argon filled, triple pane, heated glass doors allow the crystals to be viewed via a high intensity, ultra low temperature back light panel.A sterile pipette is used to inject a microscopic amount of hormone into the ultra-pure, ultra-cold water.These laws combined with contamination in the form of very specific minerals, organic matter and other impurities in the water create a logarithmic scale of temperature and foreign substances that drives snowflakes to freeze and form in very predictable ways.With the Olympic athletes hormones providing the only structure to freeze from, slots att spela ultima online it forces the natural crystal lattice of ice to elastically deform, mimicking the rhythm of the atomic lattice from the donor sample.The tiny ice crystals nucleated by this process act as molecular stories, or blueprints in which the larger ice crystals in the exhibition clone themselves from.Ice crystal structures like these exhibit a dynamic process of boundary migration as the crystal slowly but perpetually renegotiates its internal boundaries.Maps,, play, gmail, drive, calendar, google.
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Because of Alchymeia's "meta-genic" status (i.e.By using early telepresence, live navigation and control, streaming digital video-microscopy, time-lapse movies and electronic postcards, the installation could achieve the IOC rules, be visited globally 24 hours-a-day.The colors in the Alchymeia crystals are generated by the decreased speed of light in ice specific to the elastic stress placed on the crystal lattice by the doping agent.During both research and exhibition, a control is used leaving one of the water cells un-doped (no steroids) and remains un-frozen throughout the exhibition.Alchymeia received an average of 45,000 hits a day during the Olympics, and served over 500,000 electronic postcards from its digital video library.Alchymeia's frozen ice crystals are not static.
The ice crystals in the installation are created using a similar principle of atomic recording utilized by snowflakes, but each crystal has a microscopic sample of human hormone introduced as a nucleating seed.
In nature no two snowflakes are alike because they are precise atomic recordings of all the histories in their lifetime, their elaborate structure mirrors the story of their life reinforcing the axiom that no two snowflakes are alike.