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Use Peashooters early in the game, but move on to more powerful plants as soon as possible.
Use them against bigger zombieslike Football zombies.
Deal with them in the same manner in which you would deal with the others.
Reach for your Planterns!The slot machine minigame.Zombie Strategy : The basic Zombie is gå in i gratis tävlingar för att vinna pengar i bangalore pretty straightforward.We also have a post that details all the.Zombies Mini Games: Zombiquarium!Marigold Strategy : In the earlier levels, Marigolds are a good idea as they give you coins over the course of the level.Beware of the recharging time (25 seconds) as it is enough time for a Zombie to cover a lot of lawn.Kill him with a Squash or a Cherry Bomb before he calls in his pals or hit him with a Hypno-Shroom and the Backup Dancers will dance for you!Cattail Strategy : These are great for taking down Balloon Zombies.They offer a layer of protection against Zombie attacks.YouTube, play, news, gmail, drive, kalender, google Übersetzer.However, at higher levels, dont opt to use these when you need as much firepower as you can muster.In order to successfully complete Plants vs Zombies, it takes a number of strategies working together.Use a Jalapeno or a Squash to take him down (Bonus!

If you see a bulls-eye appear on the ground, brace yourselfa Bungee Zombie is on its way to make off with one of your plants.Once the newspaper is detroyed, the Newspaper Zombie will charge forward very quickly so be ready to deal with him.Zombies Mini Games: Slot Machine!Pumpkin Strategy : Place these directly over other plants.You can also destroy it with any explosive plant.They are not a great choice for levels with lots of Zombies.Zombies for the Apple iOS!Balloon Zombie Strategy : Balloon zombies think theyre smart by floating over your attack plants, but are easily taken down by a cactus or a blover.Threepeater, strategy : These are pretty simple to understand.Ducky Tube Zombie Strategy : The Ducky Tube Zombie is a water-able regular Zombie, Conehead Zombie, Buckethead Zombie, or Flag Zombie.Hit them hard and hit them quickly.