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This package contains the python module for the FriBidi C library.
Package: aspell-de Description-md5: Description-sv: Tysk ordbok för aspell Detta paket innehåller Tyska ordböcker för aspell stavningskontroll.
The module uses Python's object-oriented features to provide quick, easy, and efficient access to fits files.It's used by pcmanfm files manager.Full access in read/write mode to the ELF data structures from the scripting language, including but not limited to: - The Global Offset Table (.got) section - The dynamic linking section (.dynamic) bonus casino belgium - The constructors (.ctors) and destructors (.dtors) array - The ELF GNU.This is the Debian package of omniORBpy, the Python bindings to the omniORB libraries.Package: asterisk-sounds-extra Description-md5: Description-sv: Ytterligare ljudfiler för Asterisk PBX Extra sound files for use with the Asterisk PBX, including many city names, phases and words.Bakery makes it easy to start developing gnome applications.Det här paketet innehåller API-dokumentationen för Pyxmpp.Package: libfm0-dbg Description-md5: Description-sv: library for creating files manager - utilities Libfm is a glib/gio-based library used to develop file managers.Det här paketet tillhandahåller dokumentationen Package: circuslinux-data Description-md5: Description-sv: datafiler för circuslinux "Circus Linux!" is based on the Atari 2600 game schweiziska online casino spel för riktiga pengar "Circus Atari" by Atari, released in 1980.Multiple desktops, controlled from the same menu as the icons.(adopted from t/?WhatIsGo) Package: gnuift-doc Description-md5: Description-sv: Dokumentation för gnuift This package includes gift-guide, and the doxygen reference tree.Libgda is the GNU Data Access library.The networking layer supports connections over both IPv4 and IPv6.Det här paketet innehåller avlusningssymbolerna Package: tpp Description-md5: Description-sv: textpresentationsprogram Tpp stands for text presentation program and is an ncurses-based presentation tool.
Det ÄR avsett för att vara roligt och lättanvänt.
Currently supported modules are: * Application starting and launch * Evolution contacts lookup and mail to * Recent files lookup and open * Files in your desktop and open * Firefox bookmarks lookup and opening Package: gnome-mud Description-md5: Description-sv: MUD-klient för gnome gnome-Mud.

Can look up words in the clipboard.Many HP, Epson and Canon printers are supported.Det här paketet innehåller avlusningssymbolerna för det delade biblioteket.Package: libtranslate-dev Description-md5: Description-sv: Utvecklingsfiler för libtranslate This package contains the files necessary for compiling programs that depend on libtranslate.The MySQL Connectot extension allows to use the MySQL database from OpenOffice.Package: inetutils-telnet Description-md5: Description-sv: telnetklient telnet-kommandot används för att kommunicera interaktivt med en annan värd som använder telnet-protokollet.It provides a chronological rather than site-oriented view of news stories and tries to stay out of your way as much as possible.The LSB requirement on /usr/sbin/sendmail comes from old times where Linux and Unix machines had all fixed IPs and did server tasks in data centers.KVM * Xen * VMWare.
This is a larger list than the one installed by wbritish; nothing prevents you installing both (and others) at the same time.